Document Management based on AI & BlockChain Technologies

An Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain enabled Document Management System - Smart, Secure and Streamlined - Designed for the Maritime Industry.

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About DocuChain

DocuChain is a Document Management System powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. It offers a full suite of structured and easily accessible documents for organizations. DocuChain creates a platform for structured storage over the decentralized network for the ease of data access and security among peers.

Automated Data Entry (OCR)

Say goodbye to hours of manual entry. Take a simple scan of your document, and OCR extracts the data instantly.

Simplified Collaboration

Update and distribute documents quickly and safely, be it in the office, on the dock or even out at sea.

Blockchain Secured Storage

Secure your documents with Blockchain's key features - cryptographic hashing and decentralised storage.

Integrated Workflow

Customise the system workflow to mirror your current business processes easily with built-in task management tools.


Accelerate your workflow with in-built Machine Learning capabilities, adapting to suit each user's needs.

Full Audit Trial

Track user activity and document changes down to the last byte, and generate a full audit trail report on demand.


  • Real-Time Dashboard

    Real time and up-to-date statistics of ship documents

  • View Ship Location

    Track all your ship location on various platforms

  • Click to Share

    Simplified and Secure document sharing option

  • Flexible User Groups

    User Groups are railot made for every organization

  • AI Powered Document State

    Real-time Document Color Tracking based on the expiry date

  • Cloud Storage

    All data made available on Cloud Storage for all-time access

  • Tag to 'One-Click' Share

    Documents can be tagged to individuals / specific groups for one-click share

  • Task Management

    Assign tasks to your peers to upload / modify document information



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If you're an iPhone or Android user you can download our app via the App Store or Google Play.